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Hibachi Chicken or Beef Kabob                          $2.00 per piece

Chicken Sesame or Hawaiian Kabob                $2.00 per piece

Chicken Coconut Kabob                                         $2.25 per piece

Chicken Sate Kabob                                                 $2.00 per piece

Petite Beef Wellington                                            $2.50 per piece

Franks in Puff Pastry                                              $0.75 per piece

Assorted Petite Quiche                                           $1.00 per piece

Spanakopita                                                                $1.00 per piece

Raspberry Brie Phyllo                                             $2.00 per piece

Fig & Mascarpone Phyllo Purse                          $1.75 per piece

Crispy Asparagus with Asiago                             $1.50 per piece

Portobello Mushroom Phyllo                               $2.25 per piece

Sesame Chicken                                                        $1.25 per piece

Chicken Nuggets with Dip                                     $0.35 per piece

Mini Chicken Cordon Bleu                                    $1.00 per piece

Bacon Wrapped Scallops                                       $2.50 per piece

Seafood or Sausage Mushroom Caps                $1.75 per piece

Chicken Quesadilla Cornucopia                          $1.50 per piece

Vegetable Egg Roll                                                    $1.00 per piece

Crab Rangoon                                                             $1.25 per piece

Pork Potsticker                                                           $1.00 per piece

Mini Vegetable Spring Roll                                    $1.25 per piece

Mini Spicy Vegetable Spring Roll                        $1.00 per piece

Beef Short Rib Pot Pie                                              $3.00 per piece

Mini Chicago Style Pizza                                         $1.50 per piece

Mini Cheeseburger                                                   $1.00 per piece

Sweet & Sour Meatballs or BBQ Meatballs      $0.50 per piece

Little Smokies in Spicy Sauce                               $0.25 per piece

Tangy Cocktail Franks                                             $0.25 per piece

Water Chestnuts wrapped in Bacon                   $1.50 per piece

Cold Hors d’ Oeuvres

Prosciutto wrapped Melon                                     $1.50 per piece

Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus                             $1.75 per piece

 Taco Pinwheels                                                           $1.00 per piece

Chicken Salad Pinwheels                                         $1.00 per piece

Ham & Cheese Pinwheels                                       $1.00 per piece

Salsa Bites                                                                      $1.25 per piece

Southwestern Chicken Bites                                  $1.25 per piece

Fresh Fruit Kabob                                                       $1.00 per piece

Meat & Cheese Kabob                                              $1.25 per piece

Antipasto Kabob                                                          $1.25 per piece

Seafood Bites                                                                $3.00 per piece

Salmon Canape                                                            $2.25 per piece

Shrimp Canape                                                             $2.50 per piece

Smoked Salmon Filled Tomatoes                         $1.00 per piece

Lobster Deviled Eggs                                                 $1.50 per piece

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail                                             $1.25 per piece

Bruschetta with Crab & Goat Cheese                 $3.00 per piece

Bruschetta with Tomato Salsa                              $1.50 per piece

Salami Cornucopias                                                   $0.50 per piece

Purple Potatoes – Roasted Red Pepper Filling $1.00 per piece

Cucumber Cups with Dill Filling                             $0.75 per piece

BLT Deviled Eggs                                                          $1.00 per piece

Hummus with Pita Wedges                                     $29.00

Antipasto Plate                                                             $29.00

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Tray (serves 50) $79 / (serves 25) $49

Fresh Veggie Tray (serves 50) $59 / (serves 25) $39

Cheese, Crackers, Grapes Tray (serves 50) $79/(serves 25) $49


Minimum – 25 pieces per item

All buffets include single-use plates, flatware, napkins

Required Buffet Service – $3 per person

Includes: Chafers, fuel, serving utensils, white linen for buffet (52” x 114”), uniformed server to service, set up/tear down buffet

$35 delivery

*Gratuity not included on bill